Christmas Season Guests: The Most Important Guests of the Year

The hospitality industry has a special chance to shine during the Christmas season. Hosting guests who are visiting with family during Christmas allows for a lot of opportunity to improve guest satisfaction. Some guests will use Christmas break to take a private vacation rather than spending time with family at home. Giving amazing service during the Christmas season is easy with a little bit of preparation.

Advertising for Christmas Activities

Some guests may be staying in your hotel during the Christmas season because their job requires working over the holidays. If you have hospitality digital signage in your hotel, be sure to add local holiday activities to your slideshow. On Christmas day, you can add movie showings at the local theater to your slideshow for guests who want to do something fun with the small amount of free time that they have during their business trip. Hospitality digital signage is a great way to communicate with your guests directly rather than having them stand in line to communicate with the front desk to obtain information.

The Most Important Guests of the Year

The guests that visit you during Christmas can arguably be the most important guests that you will have all year. During the summer, you may have a lot of conventions or group activities in your hotel, and those experiences are important. But during Christmas time, you have the ability to leave a positive impression that can lead to repeat business during the year.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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