Machine Shop Services: Different Companies Have Different Needs

Machining is a craft and trade that embraces a variety of technologies and methods. Machine shops services focus on removing unwanted or excess material to produce a specific result. They adopt different approaches and utilize diverse skills to meet the specifications and requirements of their customers and the legal associations and agencies that set the standards for this industry. While no two shops are exactly alike, the same is applicable to their customers. Different clients have different needs.

Different Strokes

A machine shop can survive by supplying the same types of workpieces to similar customers. Some shops, for example, will focus on providing parts for companies that produce identical products. For example, they may produce standard parts for diverse companies in the plumbing industry. This allows them to use the same machinery, making adjustments for the models/brands.

Other companies do custom machining. They may focus on the aerospace industry. This can embrace several similar industrial concerns with related but different demands. A large company may require a prototype of a new airplane part, while a smaller firm is looking for smaller components for their aircraft. A helicopter subcontractor may demand different machine shop services.

Machine Shop Services

Services a shop may offer differ from shop-to-shop. Each tries to satisfy their customer base according to the company’s needs and specifications. While CNC is almost certainly to have a large presence, the actual machinery/technology can differ widely depending on the shop’s focus, the stringency of the customer’s demands, the overall size of the shop and, of course, its budget. Some firms may offer everything from project development to assembly in plastic or metal using such equipment as:

  • 5-axis machining
  • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
  • Welding
  • Waterjet or plasma cutting

Others employ surface grinders, and milling and turning centers. For a shop to be successful in a competitive market, the equipment, and the machine shop services must meet the ever-changing needs of the customers they service.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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