A Bail Bond Agency in Fort Worth Assists When a Person Is Charged With Possession of Cocaine

Sometimes a person is arrested because a police officer spotted cocaine in the car, or found the drug after the vehicle owner gave permission to conduct a search. It’s relatively common for the vehicle owner to protest that the drugs belong to someone else. A Bail Bond Agency in Fort Worth can help after this man or woman has been arrested and the amount of bail has been set.

A Felony Charge

Possession of cocaine is a felony in all states. Texas classifies possession of even a tiny amount of this drug as a felony. A police officer might have stopped the driver for a traffic infraction or a safety issue like a burned-out headlight. Police cannot demand to search the vehicle without cause or consent, but this official can observe as much as possible through the window.

Representatives with a Bail Bond Agency in Fort Worth, as well as the defense lawyer, do not focus on whether or not the client is being truthful. The agency’s job is to secure release for qualified applicants, and the attorney’s job is to provide skilled legal defense service.

Proving the Case

The prosecution must prove that the defendant was the owner of the contraband. The defendant must understand that if he or she was alone in the car with a packet of cocaine, a judge and jury are very likely to decide this person is guilty of the offense. Even if the package was hidden under carpet or alongside a seat, jury members will be suspicious that anyone else would have put it there. What would be the reason?

If the person actually is innocent, sometimes requesting and completing a polygraph test helps the defendant’s case. The prosecuting attorney may be persuaded of innocence by the results of this so-called lie detector test, especially when a defense attorney provides additional evidence calling ownership of the drugs into question. If possible, the defendant will want to have been released from jail on bond before this entire scenario takes place so there is no additional stress. They can apply for a bond with an organization like Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds, with details at the website

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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