Air Conditioning Repair in Norman, OK or Is It Time for a New Unit?

Energy Star provides some great advice for those trying to determine if they should go with an air conditioning repair in Norman, OK or if it would be smarter to replace the unit. These guidelines aren’t set in stone, as each unit and each household is different. They are basic guidelines to be used, in conjunction with talking to your heating and cooling repair specialist, to determine if an air conditioner repair in Norman, OK is the right move for you.

The age of the unit plays a role in when to replace the unit. Although Energy Star recommends furnaces and boilers be replaced after 15 years, they state air conditioners or heat pumps need to be replaced after ten years. Doing so could save you 20 percent in your heating and cooling costs.

If you find that you are calling for repairs more frequently or if the home isn’t cooling evenly, you likely need a new unit. The same holds true if you find your energy bills continue to climb at alarming rates. These are all signs of problems within the unit, including inadequate insulation, reduced efficiency, or duct issues. High humidity within the home and excessive dust in the home are both signs the air conditioning unit is ready to be replaced, as these are also signs or leaky ductwork, inadequate equipment, and more. Click here to know more.

When the unit begins making a lot of noise, the duct system is either undersized for the area to be cooled or the indoor coil of the unit has gone bad. Another reason many choose to replace their unit is they find they cannot install a programmable thermostat on the unit. The programmable therostat is great for those homes where no one is present during the day, as the thermostat turns the thermometer up when no one is home and down shortly before people are due to return to the house. This saves money.

Contact ClimaTech Heat and Air to discuss your heating and cooling needs. They can sit down with you to discuss any problems you are experiencing and your options. You may find repairing the unit will be more than enough, or you may need a new unit. It depends on numerous factors, one of which is the cost savings you may achieve by replacing the unit. It never hurts to discuss the options with a professional when this is the case.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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