All About Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC

Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC are beds that move like a hospital bed. The differences are that adjustable beds are comfortable and you don’t have to wear exposing pajamas. Adjustable beds come in all bed sizes from twin to king. They also have several optional features. Of course, those features also up the price. What can you get with an adjustable bed and why would you want one?


Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC move at the top and bottom of the bed. You can move the bed to almost every angle. You can sit up with your legs out straight or you can put your feet up, too. You can raise the top of the bed a little if you pillow isn’t fluffy enough. These positions are good for your body. They relieve tension on your muscles to help you relax. They also help prevent damage to your muscles from resting improperly.


Besides being good for your body, Adjustable Beds in Charlotte, NC have other uses. They make it easier for you to sit up comfortably in bed while watching television. You can raise the top of the bed so you have a better angle for reading. You can raise the bottom of the bed to prop your feet up to help with blood flow and to prevent that tingling sensation.


There are several options with Adjustable Beds in Charlotte NC. Most beds have a wired remote located near the top of the bed for easy reach. A wired remote is cheaper and good for someone who tends to lose remotes among cushions. Wireless remotes are also available at a higher cost. Wireless remotes are good for people who have trouble reaching or stretching to grab the remote. Beds designed for two people can have two separate mattress side-by-side that work with separate remotes. One person can sleep with the bed flat while the other can read awhile with the bed sitting up.


Beds come in many designs from simple to elegant. You can purchase a simple adjustable bed frame that you can barely see beneath the mattress. You can purchase adjustable beds with headboards made of wood. Adjustable beds provide comfort and pain relief. You will sleep well and wake up refreshed and painless.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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