An Attorney Who Handles Social Security in Tuscaloosa Will Help You Win The Benefits You Are Entitled To.

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Lawyers

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Social Security benefits are benefits that Americans believe they are entitled to, and they are. However, collecting disability benefits can be very challenging and often an attorney who is skilled in the Social Security Benefits laws is required. You may file your application for benefits only to experience what 90 percent of Americans experience, and that is rejection.

You can file again, but the statistics show very few applicants win approval on the second filing. It would be helpful to have the attorney who knows Social Security in Tuscaloosa help you file the application the first time because he is aware of what the Social Security application reviewers are looking for.

If your application is rejected a second time, then you have the right to appeal the denial to an administrative law judge who is a very informal judge unlike you would expect to find in a court of record. The Hearings are informal and they are conducted in a conference room setting.

Your attorney will have reviewed all of the circumstances around your disability and all of your medical records. He will be prepared with medical evidence to document your prognosis. If necessary, he will retain an independent medical expert to testify on your behalf. Preparation will be the key to success.

The medical records review will begin with the date of the injury and who provided care for you at that time. This information will be part of the medical records your attorney will review. He will also talk to any witnesses who may have helpful information. If an EMS crew were called, he will want their records and he may want them to testify. If you were taken to an ER, then the ER staff could be a vital part of the Hearing.

The experienced Social Security in Tuscaloosa attorney will look for every piece of medical information he can obtain which will help prove your case. The work which the Social Security attorney does on your behalf will be valuable to the judge when he is preparing his decision. The most favorable medical information you can provide will greatly benefit your chances of being one of the 95 percent who win a favorable verdict from an Administrative Law Judge. Click here to get more information:

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