Arrested and in Jail? Call Bail Bondsmen in Sedgewick County

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Bail Bonds

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Getting arrested is never an enjoyable experience. Sometimes it can be a frightening experience if the police send out dogs after the suspect. This can leave a person scared and shaken. It’s no surprise that these defendants want to get out of jail as soon as possible. If this is their first arrest, they may have watched television shows about bail bond companies and think that is what they will be dealing with. When they call Bondsmen in Sedgewick County from Affordable Bail Bonds they will be treated with respect and concern. For the novice they will explain the process for free.

Because time is important, they will be there within the hour. There is always a bail bondsmen available 24 hours a day. This is the case even on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Bail bond companies make their money by charging a fee on the bond. They defendant is also expected pay 10 percent of the total cost. Some companies accept credit cards, but don’t have payment plans. Affordable Bail Bonds will work with defendants whenever possible to create a payment plan.

While the application process can be fast, the application is also detailed. It will contain information that Bondsmen in Sedgewick County will use to find the defendant if they fail to appear in court. It is a felony to lie on the application or to omit any information. The defendant should be ready to give his real name and address. If he uses any aliases or street names, he must also provide those. Many gang members don’t go by their own names. It is therefore difficult for the bail bondsman to find people using their given name.

The defendant must also provide the names and addresses of all family members that they know in the area. Further they must include the names and addresses of all close friends. Tattoos are unique designs that can also help identify people in an intense situation. The applicant must list and describe them on the application. The bail bondsman may also take pictures to put in their file. To avoid having to use this information, the bondsman will often call the defendant and remind them they have a court date.


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