Basic Tools Used In Plumbing Repairs

These days almost all plumbers are equipped with the latest plumbing technology. Today there are tools and equipment that are not just making the task of the plumbers easier but, are also providing effectively clean pipelines and drainage systems to homeowners. Moreover, it has become a lot easier to detect a fault in drainage or plumbing systems. In addition to these, the professionals are employing various techniques to repair leaky faucets, overflowing sinks, and faulty appliances like water heaters. However, there are certain basic tools that every plumber needs. Even when such a professional is equipped with the latest technology, importance of these equipment for plumbing repairs can never be ignored. Let us see what those are:

* Pliers: Plumbers use various types of pliers. Different plumbing repairs require different pliers to prevent further damage to the system. Pliers are generally used to tighten or loosen different types of nuts and screws. An experienced plumber knows which type of pliers should be used for which problem. S/he uses the equipment for fitting the pipes, securing the nuts, and for holding the fittings into proper position while soldering.

* Plungers: These are also available in a number of different types. Generally, plungers used by plumbers are durable and strong. Such an equipment is used to clear clogs in pipelines. In addition to this, plungers are used fo unclogging the bath tub drains and toilets. Plungers should be handled carefully otherwise accidents might occur.

* Pipe wrench: It is one of the most common equipment required in plumbing repairs Binghamton NY. A wrench is quite heavy and large in size. It is generally used for holding a fitting or a pipe in place. It is also used for removing tight caps and screws. It is generally used for large thick steel or iron pipes but, seldom on fragile, small pipes.

* Auger: There are maily three types of augers – sink, toilet, and closet. The sink auger is used to clean the accumulted clogs into the sink drain. It is used for removing tough clogs. However, it is not similar to toilet augers. Toilet augers are also called plumbing snakes that are put down the toilet drains to break up and remove clogs and accumulated filth. Likewise, closet augers are created differently.

These are the basic tools that a plumbing service provider should posses. Make it a point to choose professionals who have all these tools in addition to the latest ones. Nevertheless, you should know that when it comes to plumbing repairs, Binghamton NY is where a few of the well-equipped and skilled ones are based.

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