Benefits of Using DC Motors

Many companies today have a wide range of needs for electric motors. This is especially true when you are in the processing or manufacturing industries. If you have the choice with some applications, you might want to consider the advantages of DC powered motors. Here are some of the benefits of using a motor like the Reliance DC Motor LC2512ATZ.

Electric Current Differences

A DC motor uses direct current. This is the same kind of electricity which comes from batteries, and it always flows from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. AC is alternating current, and it comes from special AC generators which reverse the polarities 60 times per second. This is called 60 hertz AC power, and it is commonly used for residential and commercial applications. This power runs from the hot or live terminal to the neutral terminal, which is grounded.

Speed Control

Some applications need precise speed control and a DC motor like the Reliance DC Motor LC2512ATZ can give you exceptional speed control. Some applications must increase and decrease speed constantly, and most AC motors cannot handle this.

A typical AC motor may have three windings for speed. In other words, you can choose high, medium, and low. However, if you need speeds in between these settings you are out of luck. It is possible to have more exact speed control with a motor control capable of changing the hertz. However, this is not as efficient as simply using a DC motor.


A motor like the Reliance DC Motor LC2512ATZ has higher starting torque than AC motors. DC powered motors see a lot of use for heavy-duty applications like cranes and elevators. Many of the large locomotives pulling heavy freight cars run on electric motors powered by diesel generators. Control is more precise with DC motors too. You can start, stop, and reverse almost instantly.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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