Choosing the Right Lawn Care Professionals: Landscape Contractors in Norfolk

by | May 16, 2014 | Landscaping

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Norfolk, Virginia, with its historic neighborhoods and moderate climate, is a beautiful place to live, and those living in the nearby suburbs are, no doubt, interested in looking after their lawns to maintain the value of their property. There are so many Landscape Contractors in Norfolk to choose from. How do you know which team of professionals is right for you?

First, consider your needs. Consider how much money your are willing to spend on the wellbeing of your lawn. Are you only interested in hiring someone to mow and trim regularly, or do you want someone who is willing to do a thorough job of not only mowing and trimming the lawn, but edge trimming, leaf and trash removal, and more? If you not so concerned about the quality of the job and are only looking for someone who will do basic jobs for cheap as they come along, you may be willing to hire the nearest teenager, as professional landscaping services will probably charge too much money for what you are interested in. Do you want someone who will do a quality job on your lawn on your schedule at your convenience? A landscape contractor may be what you need.

Then turn your attention to the gardening aspect. If you are also looking for someone to trim the shrubs and bushes, the local teenager is probably capable of doing a good job of that as well. But if you want someone who will actually be planting, mulching, fertilizing, and shaping the flora, you will need people who are knowledgeable of professional gardening practices and are careful to be diligent as they work.

Perhaps you want something more than that. Maybe there is are one or two special projects you have in mind. In that case, you can hire separate people to do different jobs at a higher cost. Or, if you hire a landscape contractor who is a jack-of-all-trades, you can get quality work for a lower cost.

Landscape Contractors in Norfolk

Southern Roots Landscaping of VA are Landscape Contractors in Norfolk who are known locally as “the Yard People” as for their five and a half decades of serving the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Their services include lawn care, landscaping and gardening, and much more.

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