Commercial Roofers In Freehold, NJ Help Businesses Stay Cool

Businesses cannot afford to have a leaky roof, especially in an area with the weather extremes of Freehold, NJ. A leak can damage products or machinery and adversely impact customer relations. A leak can also be a fire hazard. When a business has made the decision to have the roof repaired or replaced, they need to have the work done as efficiently and quickly as possible. The roofing company must be honest and reliable and the roofers must be experienced technicians fully knowledgeable with the demands of commercial projects. Commercial Roofers In Freehold, NJ commonly install three types of commercial roofs: foam roofs, metal roofs, and energy efficient roofs.

Foam roofs are perfect for flatbed roofs. SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam) is a liquid that is sprayed on top of the existing roof. The foam then expands about 30 times the liquid volume, filling all of the roof cracks or holes. It hardens very quickly, bonding tightly to the substrate. A protective coating is then applied. Foam roofs add little weight to the existing roof, are waterproof and, best of all, dramatically reduce electric bills. The roofs can be walked on for normal maintenance.

Metal roofs top many local businesses. While they are long-lived, eventually these roofs need restoration. This can be done by Commercial Roofers in Freehold, NJ without removing the existing roof and causes no downtime for the business. The restoration process involves removing rust, caulking fasteners, washers and other components, reinforcing all roof seams and applying two layers of a white, reflective roof coating. This roof restoration process reduces energy consumption while extending the life of the roof.

Energy efficient roofs, or “Cool” roofing systems, provide a number of benefits. The EPA gives an Energy Star rating to equipment that meets energy efficiency guidelines. Tests have shown energy savings of 13-48%. In Freehold, NJ, energy efficient roofs save money year-round, reducing both heating and air conditioning costs.

The best thing you can do for both your roof and your wallet is to contact a reputable roofing company such as Roof Management Inc. to assess your roof.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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