Compensation Available With the Help of Dog Bite Lawyers in Phoenix AZ

A dog bite isn’t something to mess around with. Aside from the initial injury, many victims find they are traumatized by the experience. With the help of an experienced dog bite lawyers in Phoenix AZ, it is possible to seek compensation from the offending dog’s owner. Here are three common forms of compensation paid to dog bite victims. Visit website for more information.

Medical Bills

Even the smallest dog bite needs to be examined by a physician. If the skin is broken, there are lots of different complications that could create serious health issues, including infections. Even if the bite occurs in the evening or a weekend, the victim should seek assistance from a medical professional as soon as possible. This means a trip to the emergency room is probable.

Dog Bite Lawyers in Phoenix AZ can file a suit that seeks out damages pertaining to a person’s medical expenses. The cost of immediate treatment as well as any follow up procedures or therapies can all be added together for an overall compensation request. Documentation needs to be provided.

Pain and Suffering

There is no doubt that a dog bite hurts. While the severity varies from one bite to the next, victims tend to agree that there is a considerable amount of pain and suffering associated with the experience. A dog bite lawyer can work with victims to come up with a total amount that covers the pain and suffering a person has lived through. It isn’t always easy to come up with a number that corresponds to how a person has felt. For this reason, Dog Bite Attorneys in Phoenix AZ often use a variety of calculations in order to reach a requested amount for compensation.

Lost Income

For most people, missing work means going without all or part of a paycheck. Aside from the medical expenses and the pain and suffering, it is possible for a lawyer to seek out compensation for lost income. Much like medical expenses, this is easy to document. A victim needs to show how many days he or she missed work because of the dog bite. That number is multiplied by the amount of money a person makes on a daily basis. For more information about dog bite compensation, contact the Snyder & Wenner.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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