Create a Centerpiece in Your Home with a Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn, NY

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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There are a number of ways that you can create a talking point in your home. Some people choose to do this by purchasing a piece of art created by a well-known artist. Others create a room that has a feature wall using a bold color, and still others create a centerpiece with a fantastic piece of furniture. All of these are great ways for you to create a unique and interesting element to your home. If, however, you want something that is a real show stopper, then you should consider installing a Metal Ceiling Brooklyn NY. Visit website for more information.

Tin is the most common metal used for a metal ceiling. The reason for this is that tin is a lightweight material that won’t cause the ceiling to buckle under the weight. While heavier metals won’t cause any structural damage, they can cause cracking and, if a light enough material isn’t used, there is always a danger that the weight will pull it down.

In general, tin is very inexpensive, but this doesn’t mean that a tin ceiling will be cheap. A big part of the costs associated with a metal ceiling is the labor that’s involved when installing it. Think about how much work and accuracy it takes to lay floor tile. Now, imagine being on scaffolding or a ladder and using the same techniques on the ceiling. It’s the labor that keeps many homeowners from creating their own metal ceiling in a DIY project – instead they often call a contractor to do the work.

When choosing a metal ceiling you do need to choose the materials. You will have a lot of options with tin, but you can also choose aluminum and even gold if you want to spend a lot of money. With tin you can buy tiles and you can choose to have the tiles stamped with a design or a pattern, if you would like. Most home improvement stores don’t carry metal ceiling tiles in stock, so you’ll probably have to special order what you want, so make sure you love it. Special orders are generally non-refundable.

Once you’ve purchased the tile, you can hire someone for the install. If you’re looking for a reputable local company, check out Abingdon Construction. They are experts in the ceiling industry and can ensure that your metal ceiling is installed with ease.

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