Earn Extra Cash By Selling Old, Broken Jewelry to Gold Buyers in Los Angeles

by | Mar 1, 2014 | Pawn Shop

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If you are short on cash and do not want to take out a personal loan, you should consider selling your old gold jewelry. There are a variety of Gold Buyers in Los Angeles that will buy your old and broken pieces of gold jewelry. One of the easiest ways to get quick cash for gold jewelry is by taking it to a pawn shop, such as Pico Union Pawn Shop.

One of the benefits of taking your gold jewelry to a pawn shop is you have the option of selling or pawning the jewelry. If you need cash, but want to keep the jewelry, you can pawn it. Pawning jewelry means the pawn shop will offer you a price for the jewelry, loan you the money and you have a set amount of time to return to the pawn shop, pay the money back and get your jewelry back. However, if you have broken or old jewelry that you no longer want, the pawn shop will buy the jewelry from you. The following tips will help you get the most money for your gold jewelry.

The first step is to find out an estimated value of your gold before going to the Gold Buyers in Los Angeles. Once you have gathered up all of the gold jewelry you want to sell, use a small kitchen scale to weight the gold. If the scale is programmed for ounces, it is important to change it to grams, because the majority of gold buyers use pennyweights for their transactions. If you cannot change the scale, you can use this formula to figure out the weight; one and a half grams is equal to one pennyweight or one ounce is equal to twenty pennyweights. After getting the weight, it is important to do a little research to find out the current value of gold.

The prices offered among gold buyers will vary, so it is often beneficial to call a couple of different local gold buyers to ask what their current offering price is for scrap gold. It is important to keep in mind that in the majority of situations the amount you are offered will be lower than the current price of gold per ounce.


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