Features to Look for When Shoppping for MN Restaurant Kithcen Exhaust Systems in St. Paul

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Heating & Air Conditioning

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One of the most critical aspects of owning a restaurant is making sure you have exhaust systems in your kitchens that meet local codes, and help keep your business safe from future harm. While there are a variety of different exhaust fans available for you to use, it is important to use one that will meet your budget and offer years of reliable service. If you have never shopped for commercial exhaust fans before, you may not know what features you should look for. The following three items are all things that should be offered by the system that you purchase in St. Paul. If you don’t take your time to research before you buy, you could be wasting your money and have to replace the equipment sooner than you can afford to.

Easy to Clean: As you cook, grease travels in the air through your exhaust fan. This can cause it to become clogged easily. Cleaning the fan on a regular basis can prevent this from happening and help lengthen the life span of your exhaust system. Make sure you can easily access the grease trap in your fan so you can remove excess buildup and help keep all of your St. Paul system components clean.

Fire Prevention: A buildup of grease can lead to a fire if not caught soon. The MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust that you use should have water or chemical release systems that are activated when a fire is detected. This can help prevent the fire from growing and help keep your employees and your company safe from disaster.

External Motor: The loudest part of an exhaust fan is the motor that is used to rotate the blades. The system you use should have the fan placed outside, at the end of the duct work. This will keep it from creating a loud environment and allow your workers to communicate without loud sounds in the background. Only choose a MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust system that is equipped with an external motor.

Don’t think you have to make the choice for your exhaust fan on your own. Altemp Mechanical, Inc can help evaluate your needs and determine which exhaust system will work best for you. Let them show you the options available so you know you are getting a system that you will be satisfied with for years. You have nothing to lose, and only a safer and more enjoyable environment to gain.


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