Fencing Services in Christiansburg VA Help Homeowners Stop Wildlife From Getting in the Yard

Fencing Services in Christiansburg VA can help residential property owners keep certain species of wildlife out of their yards. They can accomplish this with wood, vinyl or metal fencing as long as the material is the right height and does not have openings large enough for the critters to get through. Not all wildlife will be blocked, but some of the problem causers no longer will get in.


Many people love the sight of wildlife, but they are frustrated with having their flower tops eaten and creatures invading the vegetable garden. Bulbs and entire plants get dug up, and some are trampled over. It’s impossible to keep winged wildlife and certain other animals out of the yard without building a dome, but a fence will reduce the activity.

Fence Types

A tall wood or vinyl privacy fence constructed by professional Fencing Services in Christiansburg VA will stop most wildlife. The same is true for iron fencing with narrow spaces or an aluminum fence that can look almost exactly like iron. Chain-link fencing also will work as long as mesh is attached.

Wildlife Species

With these structures, property owners can quit worrying about skunks, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, porcupines and opossums, at least for the most part. The fence may not be 100-percent effective, but it will dramatically decrease the number of unwanted animals in the yard.

Maximum Heights

Certain species are difficult to block, so homeowners may have to deal with that. Deer can jump nearly 8 ft. high, so a privacy fence constructed by a contractor like Sam Fencing must be about that tall to keep those animals out. Most municipalities set maximum limits for residential backyard fencing, often at 6 to 8 ft. In addition, squirrels are nearly impossible to deter. has information on this particular company.

Front yard fencing must be shorter than this, which can be troubling for homeowners who would like to have more plants growing there but are in a continuous battle with wildlife. They might do some research on flowers and other plants that those animals do not like to eat. This way, they can still use plants to beautify the front yard even without a tall fence there. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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