Fighting For Maximum Compensation after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents happen all of the time due to drivers who are under the influence, distracted, or just plain negligent. Why should you suffer because of someone else’s actions? These people need to pay for what they have done. You can only hope that they have insurance, but if they don’t then your insurance company will have to pay your claims and then sue the negligent driver personally. After the accident occurs, you will probably be bombarded with phone calls by the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. These agents can be incredibly slick, and they will try to contact you immediately following the accident before you have a chance to contact an attorney. They will want to deal with you directly, because they often get people to settle for less if they don’t have an attorney. Do not ever sign any documents under any circumstances until you have consulted with a specialist automobile accident attorney in Tucson.

Count on Yourself for Proof and Assurance

After you have been in an automobile accident, you should take note of the scene once it has been established that you are not severely injured. Take pictures of the scene with your cell phone camera if you have one, and make sure you get the names and phone numbers of all witnesses. Even though this is normally the job of the police officers who respond to the scene, things get hectic and sometimes and they don’t get done as they should. This could be damaging to your case if you ever decide to sue the negligent driver, so you will want to be prepared.

Stay Involved with the Process Once You Hire an Attorney

When you begin your search for a competent attorney, try to find someone who specializes in accident law or personal injury law as it is often called. If they specialize in this area, then they will know every single law and loophole related to accident claims. This is in your best interests, because they will always be prepared. They will deal with the insurance company for you, and they will first try to settle your claim out of court. If they do not have any success with letters or demands for compensation, then they will take the case to court. This is the kind of experience that you need to back you up. Make sure your attorney keeps you fully informed of everything happening with the case throughout the process. They should be totally transparent in what they are doing for your case. You should keep in mind that these types of cases often take years to settle depending on how bad the accident was, so weekly updates initially and monthly updates further into the case are sufficient.

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