Get Geriatric Care With Home Health Agency in Jacksonville FL

Home Health Agency in Jacksonville FL can help care for family members at home rather than in a care facility. Home health care services can take pressure off a caregiver who is caring for a sick or incapacitated family member. These services will offer pediatric care, adult care, or geriatric care. They are a valuable asset for people living with serious injuries, handicaps, or chronic debilitating diseases. A Home Health Agency in Jacksonville FL can help a person or couple age in place rather than go into a nursing home.

What Can Home Health Services Do?

Home health care services offer different services and levels of care depending on the patient’s and their family’s needs and budget. Some available services include help with activities and daily living, help with transfers and ambulation, companion services, transportation, a range of motion help, and personal grooming. More specialized services may include management of medications, after hospitalization home care, IV therapy, care and management of wounds, chronic health condition care, and hourly RN or LPN care for patients with serious medical conditions and needs.

Is Home Care The Correct solution?

Most Home health care services will meet with the family and or the patient to evaluate the situation and make a determination of whether home health care is the appropriate solution. Each case is unique. There are different levels of service available. The professionals will determine if home health care is appropriate and what level of care will be best. The family will have input in the decision.

In some cases, a family member is the main caregiver and just needs a little help. Sometimes the task has become too much for the family member giving the care and a higher level of help is needed. In some cases, home health services will not be enough and the patient would be better served in a facility. The family needs help with the decision. Sometimes a cost comparison between having a family member in a facility and caring for them at home is helpful.

A person who is living with a debilitating disease or injury needs home health care services to regain or retain their independence. Having a health care worker visit once a day to help them get up and ready for the day, then again to help get them ready for bed may be all they need. Visit the website for Family First Homecare Jacksonville for more information.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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