Hopefully, You Firmly Believe That You Will never Need To Consult A Boise Divorce Attorney

Unfortunately, for many married couples in Boise Idaho, that statement does not hold true until “death does them part”. For better or worse, today’s society is quite happy to accept that a significant number of married couples will, one day, require the services of a Boise Divorce Attorney.

A Lawyer, Or An Attorney

If you and your soon to be ex-spouse are parting on amicable terms and have, effectively, already agreed on how any assets are to be shared out, then all you will need is a lawyer to guide you through the mandatory paperwork. However, not all lawyers are allowed to appear in court and speak on behalf of their clients. So, should there be a chance of dispute over any aspect of the pending divorce each party will need to find themselves a Boise Divorce Attorney.


For most couples in Boise Idaho, the only legal document that they have in relation to their union is the basic marriage certificate itself. After all, on their wedding day, they did not see the ceremony as being but a prelude to a future divorce. It takes either special circumstances or a pessimistic frame of mind for any deeply in love couple to make a pre-nuptial agreement that will decide, before any wedding, what will happen when they fall out of love and seek to divorce.

For divorcing couples, money and property are prime areas for disputes that involve matters like:-

  • Which partner bought what with them into the marriage

  • Who provided what during the marriage

  • Should one partner be financially responsible for the other after the marriage

Since starting a family is part of the reason why many people get married, the question of what to do with the children is also of utmost importance when one, or both, parties wishes to end that marriage with a divorce. Each side’s respective Boise Divorce Attorney will be advising on matters such as:-

  • With which parent shall the children reside?

  • Which parent makes decisions on the children’s behalf?

  • How much contact with the children is the other parent going to be allowed?

  • Who contributes what to the children’s financing?

Note – where we used to speak in terms of “child custody” and “access to children”, or “visitation rights”, today’s legal parlance follows the concepts found in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Hence your Boise Divorce Attorney will use the terms “residence” and “contact”.

Once it has been decided that the marriage is over and you need the services of a Boise divorce attorney, you should get in touch with the people at Finch ~ O’neil Law Office, P.A. Full details may be found at


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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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