How to Get the Most Out Of Your Old Jewelry

by | Dec 12, 2011 | Business

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If you badly need extra cash, gold might be the answer to your prayers. Perhaps, all of us know how precious gold is and given the current economic condition, the demand for this metal is apparently on the rise too. Trading gold jewelry in Topeka, KS pawnshops has become very popular because of the price of gold. So, where on earth can you find gold? The answer is right in your room.

You do not need to dig any further than your own old keepsakes. Take a time out to sort all your drawers and boxes. Gather all your old pieces of jewelry that may be lying just around every corner of your room. Not everyone fully recognize these worthless junks as potential sources of instant cash. In fact, a lot of people are surprised at the lucrative profit they get out of these useless items. To get the most out of your jewelries, you need to have at least a little knowledge in gold trading. Read through this article to learn about how you can get the most out of selling jewelry in Topeka, KS pawnshops.

1. Rummage through your boxes and drawers for select jewelries that you will not likely need in the future or want to keep. Gather them all into one pile. Earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets. Everything that looks like gold, even the broken ones can be valued.

2. Determine whether the items are indeed genuine gold. Usually, real gold jewelry pieces will have the karat stamped on them. But if you are not sure, just place them altogether in one pile.

3. Start looking for pawnshops that buy jewelry in Topeka, KS. Aside from pawnshops, there are other companies that actually trade cash for pieces of gold. You can find that different companies appraise your items widely. Of course, you will go for the ones with higher valuation. It also helps if the payment is made directly to you and not through a middleman.

4. Avoid scams by choosing reputable companies. Although there are a lot of businesses that offer gold for cash trade-ins, make sure that you screen the gold dealer first. This is especially true if you are doing your search online. Do not transact with any company unless you have visited their office and have verified their legitimacy.

5. Choose a company that offers full payment immediately. When selling jewelry in Topeka, KS pawnshops, make sure that you’ll leave the shop with a done deal. Avoid payments which are on an installment basis. Meanwhile there are some online gold dealers that will ask you to send the package before they pay. These transactions are quite risky as you do not have the guarantee that they will indeed pay.

6. If possible, bargain for a higher price. With the unlimited options by which you can sell jewelry in Topeka, KS, you can actually name the price that you want. The pawnshop offering an amount closest to your asking price wins. If the pawnbroker’s offer is unreasonably low, simply decline the deal and look for better rates.

Don’t settle for a quote that you are not comfortable with. After all, it’s your gold. You can always call the shots.

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