Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Booth Interesting

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Business

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The whole premise behind a trade show exhibit booth is to garner attention. You want to get attention and then take that attention and convert it into a lead. There are a lot of ways to turn trade show exhibit booth visitors into customers. But before you do that you have to get them to stop at your booth and you’ve got to get them receptive to you. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:


Setting up an eye-catching display can make people look twice. You need more than a single poster, a trade show table, and a guy in a suit handing out brochures, particularly if you are attending a very busy and highly competitive show.  You can rent or buy trade show exhibit booth displays, banner stands, hanging stands, display tables, light boxes, literature racks, sign holders, and more. You can find pop-up displays and have customized banners and display material shown to draw attention to your booth.

Brand Messaging

Logos, website links, QR codes so that attendees can quickly scan to bookmark your site for later can all help you.  A display with slideshows, videos, infomercials, testimonials can all help.  Literature, business cards, and corporate promotional items can also help as well. Pens, note pads, and prizes can also be given out that contain your logo and make you more memorable. If people know there’s a decent freebie, they will probably line up and listen to your presentation in order to get the freebie.

Generating Interest: Energy

Some trade show attendees offer demonstrations. Some offer freebies and give out brochures.  Some play music, run slideshows, or have other hooks that generate a crowd. Whatever you do, do it well and staff your trade show exhibit booth with people who know your product and who exemplify all that you stand for. Your booth should exude a positive energy that makes people curious and open-minded about stopping. If you do that and have a lead collection method, you’ll increase the chances of the results being golden!

What’s Next? More Strategy:

Once you’ve got a strategy together to get people to your booth you have to work on finding a way to connect with them later via follow-up on so get working on that strategy next!

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