Information on Radiant floor heating Farmington CT systems

by | Dec 4, 2013 | plumbing

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Forced air heating Farmington, CT area is one of the most common heating systems available today. However, this is not the only home heating option. The other common mode of heating that is continuously gaining popularity is the radiant floor heating system. This system uses a furnace to heat air. The air is forced through a duct system to heat the home. The efficiency of this system has boosted its popularity across the world. The cooling and heating air is channeled through the same ducts.


Generally, there are three main types of radiant floor heating systems. These include radiant air floors, hot water radiant floors and electric radiant floors. These systems have a unique heating mechanism. Rather than channeling hot air into the house through ducts, the system radiates heat through the entire floor. This creates comfortable and uniform cooling. This is achieved through pipes that are filled with hot water or an electrical heating element that is installed under the floor. The heat generated by the radiant flooring system is outstanding in a number of ways. The floor feels pleasurable to walk on either bare footed or in socks; this is because the floor gives out heat. From the floor, the heat is progressively and evenly distributed in the entire room.

In addition to the pleasant warmth, the system is very silent as it does not have any noisy ducts. Although the system is comparatively expensive to install, it is an investment that new home owners need to include in their construction budget. If a homeowner has another heating system that is not serving them correctly, they should replace it with a radiant floor heating system. Owing to its technicality, the system should only be installed by skilled professionals.

When installing, repairing or replacing this system, hire a professional Heating Farmington, CT company like Instant Response Plumbing & Heating. In addition to heating solutions, the company also offers expert services in plumbing, well pumps and bathroom remodeling. The company has been in business for a while and is one of the best general contractors in the area. They have experienced and professional staff and are available to respond, twenty four hours in a day, on any issue one might be having.

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