Keep the Hot Water Running With Expert Water Heater Maintenance in Auburn IN

Most homes have a hot water supply system based on the storage tank. That is, the system uses a large tank to contain the water and some means to heat that water. This is done with the use of fossil fuels, or electrical resistance, and each method has its own requirements when it comes to Water Heater Maintenance in Auburn IN. For example, the electric water heater may need to be inspected for signs of problems in the thermostat, heating elements and emergency safety systems. The latter could be very useful for protecting the homeowner or repair person from burning themselves.

One of these safety systems is designed to shut off the electric system when the water gets too hot. This particular problem usually happens when an element shorts or a tough scale deposit causes an electrical short between the element coils. Normally, this should interrupt the circuit, but sometimes, this problem results in a low-level voltage continuously running through the element and heating the water. This might be okay, but there is nothing regulating this electrical flow, and the water will continue heating until any power is shut off. This implies that scalding water could burn the homeowner simply because they turned on the hot water tap. Thanks to government safety regulations, there is a switch designed to stop this problem, but it requires the owner to check the tank and reset the switch whenever it trips.

If tank based units aren’t the system of choice, then the home may be equipped with the in-line or flash water heater. Water Heater Maintenance in Auburn IN for this system will depend on the unit involved. For example, large, whole home units tend to need more cleaning than their smaller, room based cousins. However, the smaller units tend to fail more often because they use smaller versions of the heating system or other components. This means more stress on the tiny parts that create the heated water. No matter which appliance is used, one of the most useful maintenance processes is removing lime scale and deposits from the system. Lime can build up and block the flow of water, but it can also prevent the water from getting warm enough to be useful. Visit our website for more information.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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