Quality Vinyl Fence Installation in the Twin Cities, MN

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Fence Contractor

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Homeowners choose to fence in their yards for multiple reasons; privacy and safety for the little ones and animals being the top two reasons. There is a wide variety of fencing options available for homeowners to meet their fencing needs, and keep them within property regulations in their area. A fencing company can show property owners the newest materials in fencing options, such as vinyl fence in the Twin Cities, MN, as well as the traditional wood fences.

Vinyl fencing is a great, modern alternative to wooden or chain link fences. Chosen for their durability and flexibility, these fences are becoming more popular in new construction and fence replacement. Compared to wooden fences, vinyl fences are five times more durable and handle extreme weather conditions for longer periods of time. Vinyl fences require little maintenance and are completely washable with soap and water. Color options are offered to complement any home, and these fences do not require painting. Wood and chain link fences will rot or rust over time and without proper care, eventually forming weak areas out of sight, which could allow animals and children to break through. Wooden fences become prone to insect activity over time and could lead to a termite infestation in a home. Vinyl fence materials, on the other hand, are eco-friendly and non-toxic, as they are manufactured with natural resources. Therefore, these fences can be recycled again and again. This also makes the cost of vinyl fences a more budget-friendly choice than traditional fences. The materials used to make these fences are composed of 51% salt derivatives and 49% hydrocarbon derivatives; vinyl fences are 100% environmentally friendly to manufacture. The use of these natural materials helps to keep costs of purchasing a fence affordable and keeps long-term maintenance costs low for owners.

Property owners looking to replace or install a new vinyl fence can get guidance from a skilled vinyl fence company in the Twin Cities, MN. Servicing residential and commercial properties, Dakotaunlimited.com can offer fencing options for property owners to suit their style and budget. Providing service to the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding areas, this company has skilled installers to show homeowners why they are a top rated quality company. The company handles all permit work and utility marking to complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

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