Reviewing Details With A Truck Accidents Lawyer In Queens County, NY

In New York, trucking accidents are often caused by road conditions, exhausted drivers, and serious moving violations. The impact of the accident could affect several victims at once depending on the magnitude of the overall accident. A Truck Accidents Lawyer in Queens County NY assists victims involved in trucking accidents.

Identifying Violations of Federal Laws

All commercial drivers are required by law to participate in a resting period after each twelve-hour driving schedule. The law is in place to lower the frequency of exhausted driving which causes an extensive volume of accidents. The driver’s log is reviewed to determine if they followed federal regulations.

Common Moving Violations

The use of alcohol or controlled substances while driving is illegal and leads to a DUI. In commercial truck accidents, DUIs are more common and produce catastrophic effects. All commercial drivers involved in a truck accident submit to chemical testing. If they are under the influence, their employer can terminate them, and the state will apply criminal penalties.

Filing Insurance Claims

The commercial trucking company must file an insurance claim to compensate all victims involved in the accident. The claim must provide funds to pay off all medical expenses and auto repair expenses. Victims with more substantial costs will need additional funds. If the insurance provider fails to provide adequate coverage, the victim may file a legal claim.

When a Legal Claim is Needed

A legal claim is filed when victims sustain permanent injuries and disfigurements. Under the circumstances, the insurance provider is less likely to provide adequate funds to cover all expenses. The victims may also be entitled to tort-based claims as well such as mental anguish or pain and suffering.

In New York, trucking accidents are a result of a failure to follow federal regulations. When an accident occurs, an investigation is needed to determine if the driver violated federal regulations. The violations could lead to penalties for the driver and the trucking company. Victims who need to hire a Truck Accidents Lawyer in Queens County NY are encouraged to contact The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III or visit the website right now.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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