The best way to clean carpets

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Carpet And Floor

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There are so many different carpet cleaning products available it is hard to decide which the best way is. The carpet cleaners in Los Angeles use steam cleaning, also known as hot-water extraction. This method not only cleans the carpet deep into the fiber; it has additional benefits as well. Although there are shampoos and dry powder cleaners, nothing is as good as steam cleaning.

The steam cleaning system:

The hot water that is used in the process mixes with the cleaning solution, getting right to the problem. Steam is not used; hot water is.

The services of carpet cleaners in Los Angeles can be hired; this is a far better option than attempting to do the work yourself. The people who do the work are familiar with all the different materials and fibers that are used to produce carpet, and they know exactly how much water and, which cleaning solution will do the best job in cleaning and removing the stains.

The equipment used by the professional carpet cleaners in Los Angeles is superior to anything that can be rented or purchased. It forces the hot water deeper into the carpet because their equipment is very high pressure. The high pressure loosens the dirt thoroughly. Some equipment is brought into the home; some cleaners have truck mounted equipment, which allows the residue to be transferred directly to a holding tank, eliminating the need to transfer it from the tank on the cleaning machine.

If you do decide to rent a carpet steam cleaner and do the job yourself, you can still be satisfied with the outcome. The primary differences between DIY and professional are the pressure and the temperature. The rental units normally heat the water to about 120 degrees F; the professional machines heat the water to as hot as 200 degrees F. The hotter the water, the better will be the results.
AS well as getting very clean carpets, there are other advantages. The high-temperature water kills bacteria, dust mites and mold that may linger in the carpet. Ridding the carpet of these is especially good for people who suffer from allergies. Steam cleaning does not leave a residue as some of the DIY products do.

Other carpet cleaning methods:

Although steam cleaning is considered to be the best way to clean carpets, there are other ways.


A very common way to clean carpets is with foam or a moist powder. This is placed on the stain and then vacuumed up when dry. The foam or powder will not loosen the stain or dirt, especially if it has set.

A shampoo is machine applied; the machine is similar in looks to a hardwood floor polisher. The rotating pad scrubs the carpet with a cleaning solution, which is vacuumed up when dry.

There is nothing that can beat the results of Zerores. The customers of carpet cleaners in Los Angeles who use this system all rave about the effectiveness, and they all like the fact that the process is environmentally friendly.

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