The Tow-tal Truth

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Towing Service

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Owning a car is expensive enough as it is without having to deal with unforeseen expenses. Aside from mechanical repairs, you also have to deal with paying to have your car released from impounding in the unfortunate event that your car is towed. Even if you’ve parked in a lot for months, there’s no telling when or if public parking will suddenly become private parking. You may return to your vehicle only to discover that it has mysteriously disappeared. Your initial panicked thought is that it has been stolen. After calming down and carefully surveying your surroundings, it’s then that you notice the private parking sign that’s never been there before. Towing Indio CA can become another unforeseen expense, but only if you aren’t aware of how your car can be towed.

If you come back to your vehicle to find it missing, you’ll first want to look around for any signs that specify if the lot is for private parking or public parking. Such signs must be 17”x22” with one-inch lettering. You can also call the police department to see if your vehicle has been towed. Some areas require the owners of private property to call the local police department within an hour of having someone’s car towed. In turn, the towing company is required to inform the police department of removing a vehicle no later than 30 minutes afterwards or within 15 minutes of arriving at the storage yard. Justifiable towing in Indio CA without a sign is okay in the event that the automobile received an official notice of the parking violation four days before it was towed. If the vehicle is missing important parts and the owner of the property called the police a day before, that’s also justified means for towing a vehicle without displaying a sign. Vehicles can also be towed if the property is the dwelling of a single family.

There are ways to reduce and eliminate your fee for towing in Indio CA. If you return to your vehicle after it has been hooked up to a tow truck and hasn’t yet left the parking lot, you have the right to have your vehicle released as long as you pay half of the towing fee. More than likely you won’t have to pay that reduced fee on the spot. You should always look for handicap decals and any indication that the parking spot could belong to a tenant if you’re parking near a residence.

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