Tips For An Unforgettable Wedding Reception

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Catering

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While the day was all about you, the night or the reception at least needs to be about your guests. So how do you make a wedding receptions Cincinnati OH unforgettable? There are a few tricks that will make the night unforgettable. They can be summed up in three words. Food. Favors. Fun.

First, what people will always remember is the food. You simply cannot skimp on the food. The last thing you want is for people to remember your food for just how bad it was. So make sure you hire a great caterer. Your food needs to reiterate your style. If you are going with a simple theme, then go with simple fare. Small finger foods that are just light, fresh and tasty will keep your guests happy. If you are going for classy and glamorous, then a high styling dinner is going to wow your guests. Your food should make a statement about you and your wedding. So do not skimp!

Favors are the calling card of your reception. Many guests will keep their favor. Edible favors are nice, but many guests will keep their favors as a small memento of your wedding. Edible works, but when it comes to favors a combination is the best way to go. Do a little edible part and then a memento that the guest can keep. For example a cute ornament for a Christmas tree with a little chocolate tied to it as well makes a great favor. Favors are like pictures; they last forever. Guest might even truly treasure your favor. So why not make it a great favor that guest will love?

And finally there is the fun part. Ultimately your guests want to be entertained. Dancing is always the way to go. While they may be cheesy to you, group dances like the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle are crowd pleaser. Oldie goldies like YMCA, the Chicken Polka, and Shout are all great classics that everyone enjoys. Just make sure you intermingle the slow dance songs with the fun songs. A great tradition is the oldest couples dance when the couple dances with the oldest couple for good luck. Then there is the crowded dance floor dance when every couple present dances with the newly weds. The more couple the more years of good luck.

In addition to dancing, keeping the reception moving with the appropriate events like the garter and bouquet toss are important. Have a good emcee on hand. Also consider doing fun little events along the way that tie into your theme. Mini-games like blackjack and Texas Hold’em can add to a great Las Vegas themed reception. Still fun is the key to great reception.

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