Tips on Bed Bug Control in Maryland

Bed bugs have been around for ages, causing itching bites and feeding on the blood of their human hosts. Many different health organizations consider bed bugs a risk to public health. Although bed bugs are an annoyance to anyone who has them, they do not spread diseases like other pests. The following is some information on how to achieve Bed Bug Control.

Identifying an Infestation

Many bed bug bites can be misidentified as mosquito or other small pest bites. An accurate way to tell if you have a bed bug infestation is to look for signs of the bed bugs. Dark small spots on the bed may indicate bed bug fecal matter or small white tiny specs, which are usually the eggs of the bed bugs. If you have a heavy infestation, you will likely find bed bugs in your couches and chairs, usually in the piping or small crevices in the furniture. The width of a bed bug is no bigger than the width of a penny, so it is very easy for them to hide in very small cracks and crevices.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Completely ridding your home of a bed bug infestation will take lots of time and patience. There are many pesticides, as well as many natural ways to get rid of these small pests. By combining these two approaches, you will be able to effectively drive these tiny critters from your home. You should only use pesticides as directed because using them improperly can lead to significant health risks for you and your family.

Be sure to seek a pest control company with extensive bed bug knowledge and experience. The professionals at Viking Pest Control are more than capable of helping you with Bed Bug Control in Maryland. They have years of experience in the treatment of bed bug infestations.

One of the latest approaches for bed bug eradication is with the use of hot steam. In most cases, you should have a professional pest control specialist complete the eradication of the bed bugs for you. This will ensure that the method is done properly, since you may miss small hiding places where bed bugs thrive.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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