Understanding the Importance of Teeth Care in Trumbull CT

To prevent cavities and gum disease, Teeth Care in Trumbull CT is of extreme importance. Caring for the teeth at home begins with brushing and flossing a couple of times a day, to remove plaque and tartar. In addition to providing care at home, a person also needs to make sure they see the dentist twice a year. The dentist works to protect the oral health of their patients so their smiles can be healthy and beautiful.

How Does the Dentist Offer Care?

Seeing the dentist for Teeth Care in Trumbull CT is one of the most important things a person can do for their oral health. Studies have shown time after time that those who seek dental care on a regular basis can keep cavities and gum disease at bay. When these oral health issues are discovered, they are often found in their earliest stages because a person sees their dentist twice a year. Early treatment helps to prevent the spread of decay or disease and the loss of teeth.

At each preventative care appointment, a patient receives a dental cleaning which is a crucial part of keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Plaque and tartar can begin to develop on the teeth and lead to decay. Plaque and tartar are acidic and wear down the enamel which can create openings and allow bacteria to begin to eat away at the softer tissues of the teeth. The cleaning removes the substances that can be missed with daily brushing and flossing.

In addition to the cleaning, a patient will also be examined and X-rayed. X-rays are carried out at least once a year, and they can reveal hidden oral health concerns that may not yet be visible to the human eye. X-rays allow dentists to diagnose conditions before a patient is even aware they are present. Prompt dental treatments keep smiles healthy and strong.

Schedule Your Appointment

If it is time for your preventative care appointment, now is the time to Contact Us. Call the office today, and they will be happy to schedule your appointment so your teeth can be cleaned and your mouth examined.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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