Vancouver To Victoria Ferry Price: The Variables

One of the many attractions of British Columbia is the ferry running from Vancouver on the mainland to Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is the major option and a very attractive one. For those who live in BC, the Vancouver to Victoria ferry price is generally common knowledge. They know the various variables affecting the cost of a ride between these two cities. For those who do not, the information provided below offers clarification.

Before Boarding the Ferry

Before you even get on the ferry, you must consider certain costs. You cannot hop on board in Vancouver any more than you can in downtown Victoria. The terminals are outside both cities. As a result, you need to factor city-to-terminal (and vice versa) transportation cost. Options include:

  • Taking your own vehicle and either parking it in a lot or taking it on board
  • Riding your bike is less expensive
  • By taking a bus, you can avoid extra costs
  • Cabs are also an option but can prove to be expensive

Any of the above methods you need to factor into the Vancouver to Victoria ferry price.

Vancouver to Victoria Ticket Prices

You can purchase your ticket at the terminal, but it may prove to be more convenient to do so in advance online. Reservations are an excellent suggestion –

  • Fares are age-based
  • Number of tickets
  • Time
  • Driving a vehicle, bringing a bike or walking on?
  • Special Categories, e.g., students, disabled

Make sure you consider these variables when purchasing a ticket.

Vancouver to Victoria Ferry Price

Various variables come into play when computing the Vancouver to Victoria ferry price. Transportation costs to-and-from the ferry deserve consideration. It is also important to look at the number and age of those planning the ferry trip as well as the time of travel and the inclusion of a bike/vehicle. Above all, be sure your information is current. Otherwise, you may meet with an unexpected surprise when you attempt to board.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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