Ways To Maintain The Condition Of Your Lacrosse Shorts

by | Aug 27, 2012 | Sports And Games

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It is not just your lacrosse shorts that require attention after every game but also, your jersey, your gloves and your socks. All of the clothing worn to play this game will be specially crafted and this means that they may react in different ways to dirt. Although equipment should be hand-washed, clothing would benefit from machine washing. Because lacrosse shorts are sometimes made with special materials, the washing process will differ. Failure to focus on a particular cleaning regime for your items could result in you necessitating new ones, so to save some money and to prevent inconveniences when preparing for a game, learn how to maintain your lacrosse shorts.

Lacrosse Shorts – Look At Tags

It is worth looking at the tags on your lacrosse shorts before you clean them because this will detail whether or not they can be placed in a clothes dryer. It is possible that your shorts may need to be cleaned in cold water and if so, you should not place them in a washing machine but instead, immerse them in water with half a cup of detergent. If the tag indicates that you can machine wash them, you need to turn the shorts inside out. If you do not complete this step, the lettering printed on your shorts could fade quite quickly or it may flake off as time progresses.

Lacrosse Shorts – Drying Your Shorts

The drying process for your lacrosse shorts is almost as important as the washing process because if you place shorts in a clothes dryer when they are not designed for this, they could shrink dramatically. If your shorts shrink, you will need to invest in new clothing and this can be quite expensive unless you buy from a reliable seller. Air drying your shorts on a washing line will allow creases to fall out and will prevent any padding from bunching up, if there is any. Should you choose to use a clothes dryer, be sure to power it on the lowest setting for the best result.

Lacrosse Shorts – Odor Prevention

Even after using a sweet smelling detergent to wash your lacrosse shorts, there is a chance that some odors may linger. The scent of mud and sweat can remain in the fibers of clothing even after multiple washes and because your shorts will be worn on a regular basis, this is highly likely. Air drying them is a good option so that the fresh air can eliminate foul smells but also, you may want to spray the shorts with a fabric freshener. These sprays will keep your clothes smelling fresh after every single wash.

If you have shrunk your lacrosse shorts or if you want to stock up on clothing and equipment, buy your items online. , you can save money on quality items that are machine washable.

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