What can a roofing company tell you about roofing materials?

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Roofing

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A Coeur d’Alene roofing company can tell you everything about roofing materials but that does not mean that you can use any roofing material you want. It’s hard to imagine that a thatched roof would meet the building code in Coeur d’Alene anymore than a metal roof would be approved for Shakespeare’s cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon. Local styles and building codes are a major influence on the material that can be used. A roof is more than just a “hat for your house”, it must also wear well in your particular climate, have a fire retarding ability and in many instances it must maintain harmony within the area.

Any Coeur d’Alene roofing company will tell you that the all around favorite is asphalt composition shingles. These shingles meet the basic criteria of roofing materials; reasonable acquisition cost, reasonable installation cost, they wear well and they retard fire. Although you will have to check the warranty from the specific manufacturer of the shingles, they typically have a 30 year guarantee but often last far longer. The days of the old three tab shingle are long gone, although the three tab is still the perennial favorite, the asphalt composition shingle can be had that is textured and sized to duplicate other materials such as slate. These modern versions are referred to as architectural shingles and are more expensive than their three tab cousins. Asphalt shingles are the quickest and easiest of all roofing material to install.

When asked what roofing material people dream of, a Coeur d’Alene roofing company will tell you, “wood shakes”. Wood shakes simply are beautiful, from the day they are installed until they day they are replaced perhaps 50 years later. They age gracefully, weathering into a variegated grey and attractive mottling. Wood shakes are organic and thereby appeal to the “green” in everybody.

Slate roofing can only be installed by experts in the field, companies like a Coeur d’Alene roofing company can handle it, the material is heavy and over and above the cost of the slate and the arduous installation costs, the roof structure has to be designed and built to take the loads. A supply of slates over and above those needed for the roof must be purchased as getting replacements that meet the color and texture is impossibility. A slate roof is very slippery and difficult to walk on. Most people who want the slate look are happy with a composition rubber slate alternative.

If you are contemplating having a new roof put on your home or you have a need for emergency roof repairs you will need a Coeur d’Alene roofing company that has the skills to do the work, and to do it right the first time. You are invited to contact Premier Roofing Contractors.

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