What to Look for when Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When a person is arrested in the United States, they are still in possession of a number of legal rights. The arresting officer must read you the Miranda rights informing you of your immediate legal rights upon arrest. Under Miranda rights you have the right to remain silent, to stop answering questions, the right to contact an attorney and the right that you will be appointed an attorney if you are unable to afford one. As soon as an incident happens, you must hire an expert criminal defense lawyer in Oxford MS to ensure your proper defense and representation.

You have the right to know the charges leveled against you and can ask to see the warrant, if you are arrested on a warrant. You also have the right to contact your family or close friend to give them news of the arrest. In the interest of your own defense, you should hire an expert criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to be present should there be a line-up for identification or you are asked to submit a chemical or physical test.

It is the job of your criminal defense lawyer to get you out of jail as soon as possible. A criminal record can irreparably damage your career or personal life, so getting experienced defense is the best way to protect yourself. When you hire a lawyer, you should look for someone with high a degree of professionalism, skill and success in their field. The lawyer should assure you of personalized service and not put interns, paralegals or associates to work on your case. You deserve the attention of the qualified legal professional to offer the best defense. Felonies and more serious crimes can result in prolonged jail terms. Your criminal defense lawyer should have success in reducing jail sentences or getting a high level of acquittals and not-guilty verdicts. Reputation is a major factor to consider when you hire a criminal defense lawyer.

Drunk driving is a common offense in New York but is a punishable offense with possible jail sentencing, heavy fines and community service. Whatever the severity of a drunk driving offense, the offender would have to face some length of license suspension. A first DWAI (non-criminal) can result in 15 days in jail, $300-$500 in fines and suspension of driver’s license for 90 days. While a first DWI can result in a jail term of one year, a fine of $500-$1,000 and a license suspension of 6 months. For proper representation, consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Oxford, MS residents can find highly-skilled and diligent attorneys in the neighborhood who would provide competent representation.

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