When To Do It Yourself And When To Call A Plumber In Allentown

by | Feb 21, 2014 | plumbing

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When you are working with your computer or perhaps some other electrical device in your home, the first thing you check when it won’t turn on is the power supply. Sometimes you will even turn on and turn off the equipment in order to get power supplied to the equipment. You may feel silly but sometimes checking a simple thing such as a power supply can save you hundreds of dollars in a repair contractor coming out the home. The same can be said when you need a Plumber in Allentown. There are simple things you can do yourself to bring your appliances back into working order and then there are other things that should strictly be saved for the professionals.

One of the most common home maintenance calls for a Plumber in Allentown is to fix a garbage disposal. While this little appliance under your kitchen sink is a great catch for small items that miss your garbage, it is not meant to catch every item. When you have guests over, make sure they know if you have a disposal that likes to shut off when used too much. This appliance often times does have a power switch that can become overloaded and turn off. Check the power supply button before calling your Plumber in Allentown.

Another favorite that homeowners have to call a professional plumber for is a stripped appliance handle. If your water valve at any kitchen or bathroom faucet is not turning off correctly with light pressure, there is an underlying problem. It has nothing to do with how tight you twist the handle to turn off the water supply. Once you have stripped the knob and cracked the pipe by applying too much pressure you will need a professional to fix the problem.

Lastly, if you do have some skills as a do-it-yourself plumber it is cautionary to warn about fixing a connector joint with the same materials. For instance, if you are in the process of changing your PVC piping over to a copper line, you need to make sure the connector is coupled with dielectric union. This means you have a plastic washer in between a PVC pipe connection and a copper connection to avoid corrosion between the mixing of two unrelated materials.

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