Why you Need a Physical Therapy Specialist in the Wantagh, NY Area

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Physical Therapy

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Physiotherapy is a health care profession that deals with the remediation of all conditions that limit patients’ ability to function well in their daily activities. Some of the conditions that are dealt with in physical therapy include disabilities and impairments. Beside clinical practices, other activities encompassed in the physiotherapy profession include research, consultation, education and administration.

Reasons you may need physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be used for all neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Some of the conditions that require physiotherapy include:

  • Sport related injuries
  • Chronic fatigue and pain
  • Balance or mobility problems
  • Surgery issues
  • Sprains and muscle injuries
  • Lower back pain
  • Neuro-rehabilitation among others

What is done in Physical Therapy Wantagh NY service?

Physiotherapy is the process of giving your body all the essential components to enable it to heal the way it was made to. It involves various interventions, which can be broken into the following different components:

  • Therapeutic exercise: This is a combination of all exercises that are specifically aimed at addressing your primary limitations. They are aimed at stabilizing a joint, stretching muscles and/joints, relieving spasm, strengthening a particular muscle to give your body correct motion, ensuring that there is proper synchronization between the nervous system and the muscular system among others. There are different kinds of exercises each serving a unique purpose.
  • Manual therapy: Physiotherapists use different manual therapy techniques to stimulate healing and recovery of the patient. These techniques range from soft tissue mobilization, stretching, and joint mobilization among others.
  • Modalities: These are agents used by physiotherapist to promote healing in a patient. The commonly used agents include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, pneumatic compression devices, infrared, paraffin wax for heating the hands and traction unit for the spine.
  • Taping: Physiotherapists use taping techniques to promote comfort, healing and correct positioning. Different tapes are used for different conditions.
  • Patient education: Unlike other health care professions, the main goal of a physiotherapist is to get a patient out of pain and lead them to take care of themselves.

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