You Need an Excellent, Integrated Access Control System to Protect Your People and Facility

by | Mar 24, 2014 | security system

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If a security system can’t keep the ‘bad guys’ out, it’s useless. The technology has changed over the centuries, but the purpose remains the same. There is always someone trying to get inside, whether to destroy, spy or steal, and they cannot be permitted to do so. Any business or government who ignores that reality will pay the price. The only rational and responsible response is to provide the best protection possible for people, facilities and networks.

An Access Control System has to handle a multitude of tasks. Points of entry need strong protection from intruders while allowing entrance to employees and others permitted into a particular area. Video surveillance and recording and related systems must be effectively integrated into any existing systems and networks. Experienced and competent engineering and design at the outset is critical to a completed project working as planned. Overlooked issues can crash a system at the worst possible moment; experienced designers are key. There is no substitute for experience; it would be foolish to settle for less.

An integral part of the initial design of the security system is giving full and careful consideration to future growth. Allowing for future expansion to another facility or country is much more efficient and less expensive in the long run. Budget considerations normally dictate a staged approach to the project. Excellent project management is required in order to have the final project be completed on time and on budget.

Unlimited Technology, Inc. is dedicated to providing “Cutting Edge Solutions For Your Global Security Needs.The firm’s corporate headquarters is located in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, but their influence extends worldwide. This team of security professionals devotes their resources and technology to providing high-tech solutions that will protect their customers regardless of where the threat originates. The corporation integrates Six Sigma tenets into every aspect of their business; everyone remains focused on timely delivery of products and services, precisely geared to the customer’s exact needs. Their belief in always operating at the top of their game extends to Black Belt training for all managers. Security is far too important to be entrusted to anyone except a recognized leader in the field.

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