3 Things to Remember When Buying Pre-Owned Cars

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Car Dealers

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Looking for a used Subaru? From Alternet, here are some things you need to look out for to make sure you aren’t spending thousands more than you should:
1. Don’t rush. It’s incredibly ill-advised to give the impression that you really need the car as soon as possible—especially if you do need the car as soon as possible. Car dealers might take advantage of that to rush through the sale or gloss over important details in the buying process. You wouldn’t want to drive that car home only to be surprised in the next few days with how much of the extra costs are now tacked onto your monthly payment. If the dealer seems determined to rush, leave. Keep looking until you find a pre-owned Subaru dealer who gives you all the time you need to ask questions, inspect the car, and make your buying decision.
2. Don’t skip the history report. Request a copy of the vehicle history report. It doesn’t matter if they tell you you’ve got nothing to worry about, then all the more reason for you to see it. If they keep stalling or you get the sense that they’re hoping you’ll forget about it, that’s an obvious tell that they’re hiding something. This could include any of the following: flood, fire, odometer fraud and even damage caused by an accident. You might even find out that the car was used as a salvage vehicle—all the things you wouldn’t want to take a chance on. Not that a spotless history report would mean the car is problem-free. But at the very least, you know you won’t have to spend time wondering about the gruesome events that occurred in the cabin or just right beside you in the passenger seat.
3. Don’t tip your hand. Some car dealers might directly ask you how much you can spend in a month. Don’t answer that. By giving them a ballpark, you give them an idea of how much to pad your payment with until it matches that figure. This could include higher interest rates, along with no-go warranties—all of which you don’t need. No-go warranties are extended warranties that don’t really succeed at adding any useful protection to your car. Nix them. And be sure to look over every inch of the fine print to know your service warranty covers the basics.

These are just 3 things to keep in mind when you shop for a pre-owned unit. If you need the assistance of a certified pre-owned Subaru dealer in Long Island, contact us at Grand Prix Subaru.

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