When to Visit a Dermatology Clinic in St. Petersburg, FL for Skin Tags

Skin tags are painless growths of skin that connect to the body with a small stalk. The tags grow in areas where friction occurs like the underarms, under the breasts, or on the neck. Women, the elderly, and people that experience weight gain have a higher risk of developing skin tags. The small growths can sit undisturbed on the skin for a lifetime, but there are times when it is beneficial to visit a dermatologist for help.

Embarrassment in Appearance

The most common reason skin tag sufferers visit a Dermatology clinic in St. Petersburg, FL is due to their embarrassment. Experts can call skin tags harmless, but they probably do not feel that way when people feel they must hide them from others. Dermatologists have a simple process to remove the tags and most people will have no scar left behind.

Disruption to Life

Skin tags are easy to ignore unless they grow in the wrong area. A necklace may catch on a cluster of growths on the neck. Wearing a bra on a hot day could irritate a large skin tag under the breast. A razor may snag on a tag on an armpit and cause discomfort and bleeding. Removal becomes necessary whenever the location of a tag leads to any discomfort or causes repeated injury.

Concern Over Changes

Go immediately to a dermatology clinic in St. Petersburg, FL if a skin tag begins to display any unusual characteristics. Skin tags should not hurt, bleed, or change color. A skin tag should not release any discharge or show signs of infection. People with a medical history that includes skin cancer should also have an examination of all the skin tags on their body because some skin cancers can mimic the look of a skin tag.

It is very rare for any skin tag to cause a serious health concern. However, there are solutions if the growths are in the way, painful, or embarrassing. The removal procedure could include clipping or freezing and will take only a few minutes to complete. Visit the website to learn more about dermatological services or to schedule an appointment.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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