Moving From a Hospital to a Rehab Hospital for Extended Care

After staying in a hospital due to an injury or an illness, you might not be quite ready to go home. Your doctor can send you to a rehabilitation hospital in Rockland County, NY, that offers the care that you need so that you can get strong enough to care for yourself in your own home or so that you only need minimal assistance. The following are a few tips to consider during the transition process.

Get Admitted

Make sure the rehab facility has all of the documents from your doctor stating that you’re going to be admitted. If you show up at the facility without the information processed, then there might not be a bed available, which could mean relying on other types of care until a bed is available.

Types of Rooms

Most facilities have shared rooms, but you can talk to your doctor and the coordinator of patient care to request a private room if you don’t feel comfortable having someone else with you. This is usually an option that is reserved for those who don’t need extended care as they won’t be in the room for a long period of time, allowing it to be used by someone else who wants a private environment.


A family member of a close friend should go with you to the rehabilitation hospital in Rockland County, NY. You’re going to need to try to rest and become acclimated to the facility while someone else cleans the room and puts your belongings in the dresser or closet. Make a list of phone numbers that can be placed on a wall as well as the names of the care coordinators in the facility.

Contact the Tolstoy Foundation Nursing Home at for more information about making the transition process a bit easier.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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