Tips For Choosing Self Storage Units

When it comes to putting your possessions in storage, it is most important to locate a facility that is clean, safe and convenient. There are a few guidelines that might be helpful when deciding on which storage units in Chicago give you what you want.

Location is less of a concern if you are planning to store things that you won’t need or don’t need for some time, however, if you know that you will be going to your unit frequently then the location is important. Don’t hesitate to look at different options, if access to the Interstate is important then chances are good that there is a facility to satisfy that need.

Just as you secure your home, think the same when it comes to securing a property that you put into a storage unit. Look for lighting and security features like fencing. Facilities that are not well lit and not fenced are a magnet for thieves. Look for storage units in Chicago that have professional management on site as well as a video surveillance system installed.

Pest control:
You not only want a dry facility to store your possessions in, but you also want one that is free from pests. Find out if the facility is treated regularly for insects and rodents and that the surroundings are kept in immaculate condition.

Access hours:
Chances are you will not want to access your unit at three in the morning, but at three in the afternoon you want to access. Make sure that the hours of operation meet with your ability to get in and out.

When it comes to storage units in Chicago, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” You may very well opt for a large unit when you first take a space, but you may wish to downsize over time if you sell or otherwise get rid of things in the unit.

Clean, secure units, fire resistant, low cost, large freight elevators are but a few of the benefits of renting storage units in Chicago from Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. With four locations throughout the city, there is bound to be one close to you.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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