2 Steps You Should Consider During an Unplanned Pregnancy in Florida

You have just realized that you may be pregnant, which makes you weigh your options. Your thoughts race through how this could affect you emotionally and financially. You also ponder if you are ready to parent a child. Here are two steps you should consider before any crucial steps.

Confirm The Pregnancy

First, confirm that you are indeed pregnant. Store-bought home pregnancy kits can sometimes be inaccurate, giving you a false-positive result. For this reason, you should consider visiting a clinic that utilizes lab grade pregnancy tests to confirm your pregnancy.

Seek Support

Perhaps you have done the first action and have confirmation that you are pregnant. The next step you should take is to seek support. Seeking support can mean asking for advice from your parents, friends, a healthcare provider, or a support group. Finding support can help ease your stress about the pregnancy so you can decide on what you should do next.

Safe and Respectful Environment

Since your pregnancy is confirmed, you may still be questioning what you should do next. You are perhaps now searching for an abortion clinic in Jacksonville, FL, to learn about the process and professional advice. Well, visit First Coast Women’s Services. They offer a safe and respectful environment and will empower you to make informed choices.


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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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