2013 Trends For Wedding Dresses

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Shopping

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It is a new year, and if you are planning to get married this year you are going to want to know all the latest trends for 2013 for wedding dresses. If you are interested in learning more about these trends, read on.

For 2013 wedding dresses are becoming a bit more plunging in the neck line. You may now be worried because you do not like wedding dresses that show a lot of cleavage, do not fear, the back of the dresses are what are plunging. Some of this year’s wedding dresses are showing up backless! This can make for quite an entrance on your wedding day, especially if you have a nice back and are not afraid to show it. Some of the dresses for 2013 are using lace to cover up a bit so that you will not feel overexposed on your wedding day.

You may think that white is the only acceptable color for a wedding dress, but you would be wrong. The trend for 2013 is soft spring colors such as light pink and light green. Don’t hesitate if you love light pastel colors to enjoy one of them as your wedding dress color. It use to be that wearing white was the only trend you could follow as far as a wedding dress, but no more.

It has been a fact that for the past few years short sleeve wedding dresses have been all the rage, even strapless dresses have been quite popular. This trend has now changed to long sleeves. If you plan to marry in the winter months you will be happy about this change, if however you are planning an outdoor summertime or spring wedding you may want to forgo the trend for the sleeveless or short sleeve version.

Outerwear and capes are making a come-back for 2013 as well! These capes are coming in the form of tulle and organza for spring and summer weddings and knitted capes and fur for the winter months. Many of these capes are very reminiscent of the days when our parents got married and are very beautiful!

As you can see there are a lot of new trends for wedding dresses in 2013 and many of them are quite awesome! If you plan to marry after 2013 you may still want to keep up to breast on the latest trends so that you will be able to perhaps incorporate a few from this year and next year as well into your wedding day attire. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain if these trends are not for you however, because everyone looks beautiful in their wedding dress regardless of the dress.

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