3 of the Most Popular Cigar Companies in the World and Their Best-Sellers

Throughout the UK, many people love the taste of a good cigar. Part of the enjoyment people get from cigars is finding new products from popular cigar companies. If you’re looking for a new cigar to try, you certainly have many options. With that in mind, here is more information about three of the most popular cigar brands.


For almost 40 years, people looking for a smooth and satisfying smoking experience choose Backwoods cigars in UK. These machine-rolled cigars are available in many popular flavors, including honey berry, sweet aromatic, Russian cream, dark stout, and many others. Fortunately, it’s easy to find cigars from Backwoods in the UK.


Another popular premium cigar company is CAO. Like Backwoods, CAO has cigars available in a wide range of flavors. A few of this cigar company’s most popular products are Moontrance, Eileen’s Dream, and Cherrybomb. If flavored cigars aren’t your thing, considering trying cigars from this company’s CAO Gold or CAO Brazilla product lines.

Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel is another luxury cigar brand with many fans. Rocky Patel maintains a strong desire to create cigars of the highest quality. In recent years, Rocky Patel has become a powerhouse cigar brand by purchasing smaller cigar manufacturers. A few of this company’s most popular cigars are the Royale Fumas, Freedom, and Evolution.
There are many popular cigar brands available when you’re ready for something new to smoke. If you need to find Backwoods in the UK, consider visiting the website of Tobaccoonline.co.uk by going to www.tobaccoonline.co.uk. On this website, you’ll find best-selling cigars from each company mentioned in this list.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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