3 Things That Walworth Personal Injury Attorneys Tell Their Clients

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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Where do you turn after being injured because of the negligence or the intent of another party? Along with seeking medical treatment, it’s in your best interests to reach out to one of the local Walworth personal injury attorneys and find out what sort of compensation you deserve. Early on, the attorney will provide you with advice that needs to be followed. Here are a few examples.

Filtering what information you share with your legal counsel is not a smart move. In order to represent you and pursue reasonable compensation, your attorney needs to know all there is to know about the events leading up to the injury. Some minor detail that you don’t think is important could turn out to be something the opposition attempts to exploit; if your legal counsel knows that detail in advance, it’s easier to develop a plan to defuse its effectiveness.

Another bit of advice you will receive is to avoid interaction with the responsible party and any agents for that party. What may seem like a simple inquiry about how you’re mending may be an attempt to get you to say something that undermines the case, or even shifts some or all of the responsibility for the injury to you. If approached, provide the contact information for your legal counsel and end the conversation.

Last, it’s not unusual for Walworth personal injury attorneys to recommend clients remain tight-lipped about the case in general. Say little to nothing about the events surrounding the injury, how the medical treatment is going, and the strategy your attorney is pursuing. You never know who might overhear a portion of the conversation, and report it to the other party.

Your legal counsel will utilize every legal means to secure reasonable compensation for the injury. Do everything possible to cooperate with your attorney, and the odds of a successful outcome are higher. For more information, please contact The Law Office of John V. O’Connor.

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