4 Facts About Implants: What to Know Before You Go to the Dentist

Getting full mouth implants in Ashburn may seem intimidating and scary. However, the following facts about implants will help ease your worries and fears.

High success rate
Dental implant procedures tend to deliver successful results. That’s already enough to calm down your concerns regarding this treatment. Plus, hiring a qualified specialist to perform the procedure will only improve the odds of successful results.

Looks and feels natural
Afraid that the implants may feel off or uncomfortable? Don’t be. One of the best things about getting full mouth implants in Ashburn is the comfort they provide. The artificial tooth feels and looks like your own teeth. An experienced implant dentist can customize the replacement tooth to feel and fit exactly like your own.

Securely in place
Other tooth replacement options can slip out of place and make it difficult for you to eat or speak. Dental implants are fused to your jawbone. That means you won’t need to worry about them slipping or popping out of your mouth.

Convenient for eating
Traditional dentures can slide around when you eat. They tend to make it difficult to chew as well. Depending on the material used for the dentures, you may need to refrain yourself from biting down with too much pressure as this may damage your dentures. You won’t need to lose sleep over any of these when you get implants. They’re durable and sturdy, so they won’t slide around, which makes it convenient for you to eat. The roots of the replacement tooth are also fused to your jawbone, giving it a solid foundation so you can bite and chew with gusto.

Bottom line
There’s a reason why more and more patients are choosing dental implants over traditional tooth replacement methods. Discover why when you make an appointment with your dental specialist for advice and treatment.

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