4 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

Today’s vehicles are complicated. There are hundreds of parts, all of which can potentially malfunction, and dents and dings come with the territory. When an accident occurs, where does a driver go to get the damage fixed? Body shops, much like vehicles, are all different, and it’s important for customers to ask the right questions. Below are a few things to ask when choosing an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County.

What do Others Think?

In the internet age, there’s a review for everything, and body shops are no exception. Consider a shop’s feedback and reviews before committing. What do others think of the shop’s service? How well do the technicians communicate during the repair process? Not only can reviews tell a customer what to expect, but they can also serve as a warning against hidden charges and shoddy repair work.

How Long Will it Take?

This is typically a customer’s first question, but it still bears repeating. Timelines vary according to the time of year, the severity of the damage, and the customer’s place in the lineup. Many factors determine how long a repair takes, and shops can, at best, provide a rough estimate.

What Paint Does the Shop Use?

As most people know, color matching is important in auto body repairs. Before committing, ask the shop whether they’ve checked the vehicle’s paint code and if they’re using a precisely matched color. Finally, ask when the car can be washed. In most cases, the shop will tell a customer to wait, so the paint has time to cure.

Does the Shop Have Any Certifications?

An auto body shop in Johnson County must prove its knowledge and skills to receive industry certifications. Find out which credentials the shop has, such as ASE and I-CAR, to be sure that repairs will be reliable and safe.

Vehicles are an important part of life. They take their owners back and forth to work, they drop kids off at school, and they make road trips possible. Don’t drop a car off at just any shop. Ask these questions before making a decision. Visit us online or call today to schedule service.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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