A Car Accident Lawyer in Honolulu Represents Clients Injured on Resort Property

A car accident lawyer in Honolulu may be needed for representation after a vehicle collision causes injuries on a resort property. Since this occurred on private property instead of a public road, the automotive insurer may dispute the claim, stating that the resort owners should be responsible. An individual who was injured may not know who is legally at fault in this situation or how to negotiate a settlement.

Types of Incidents

These accidents can happen in numerous ways. Parking lot accidents are very common, although they usually do not cause serious injuries. Nevertheless, a driver rear-ending the car ahead may cause whiplash to someone in that vehicle. A driver speeding diagonally across a parking lot might hit a pedestrian or bicyclist, causing serious injuries. These types of incidents can, tragically, even cause fatalities.

Determining Fault

A car accident lawyer in Honolulu must determine which business entity is liable if the automotive insurer insists that the resort is responsible. An investigator may have discovered unsafe conditions in a parking lot or private road owned by the resort.

The insurer might comment on parking lots and roads without any painted markings or signs. That leaves drivers believing they can travel in any direction and at any speed they like. The resort owners may protest, saying licensed drivers should have the experience and common sense to know they cannot safely move through a parking lot at a high speed.

Another example would be a slick patch of vehicle fluid that leaked from a parked car or truck and that none of the employees bothered to clean. A motorcycle traveling through the lot might skid on that slippery fluid, causing the driver to lose control. The question now becomes whether it was reasonable to expect someone at the resort to routinely inspect the lot for situations like this if none of the guests reports it.

Concluding Thoughts

This situation can leave the injured person and the family feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to proceed. They are facing now the depletion of their savings and don’t know when it will be possible to return to work. A free consultation with an organization like Yoshida & Associates can get them on the right track.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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