A Child Custody Attorney in Mankato, MN Will Bring a Peaceful Resolution to Child Custody Disputes

Child custody issues arising from a divorce can be difficult matters to work with, but the Blatz Law Office LTD has experience in working with the difficult and emotional custody matters. Child custody disputes come about for a few major reasons, and the reasons are usually not good. An experienced attorney can sort out the issues that are behind the child custody dispute, and it is important to understand the real issues because this determines the approach that the child custody attorney will take to solve the dispute.

Often, the fight over child custody is a matter of using the children in the fight between the parents. This is a horrible approach by the parents, and the children suffer watching the battle wage on. Children do not understand the divorce, and they certainly do not understand the battle over which parent has custody of them. A child custody attorney in Mankato, MN can be very effective in pointing out to the parents the consequences the children will suffer because the parents are using them in the divorce. A child custody attorney is skilled in pointing out to the parents the terrible pain the children will suffer, and this can very often settle the issue down to a reasonable discussion and a conclusion about the best interest of the children.

Other custody battles arise from a real concern for the welfare of the children because a spouse has exhibited physical abuse to the children or the other parent. Emotional abuse can be very harmful to children and this often appears in a divorce if one parent perceives that the other parent favors the children. This requires a skillful intervention by a divorce attorney who is skilled in protecting the children by either a hard discussion or a court order.

However, these are drastic steps and if abuse is not involved then the attorney will point out to their party that for all of the damage a child custody battle will do there will not be a good outcome. There is a way to settle these disputes by pointing out the added costs of a legal battle and the added damage to the children. There is also damage to the parents because old matters are dredged up and they will not be forgotten. This just makes it tougher to share custody in the form of visitation rights.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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