A Family Law Attorney in University Place Can Help You Through This Difficult Time

When an individual is faced with a family law issue like a divorce, child custody, property division, paternity, adoption, or modification of existing orders, it can be very difficult without the help of a family law attorney in University Place. Another area of family law is protecting individuals from domestic violence. Restraining and protection orders can be issued against abusive individuals even without criminal charges being lodged against them. Divorce and child custody situations can result in anger and frustration that can lead to a domestic violence situation that a family law attorney can help with.


When an individual wants to file for a divorce or is served legal papers, every decision requires the assistance of an attorney. The individual who is served will need to file an answer to the divorce and make their initial claims to preserve their rights. Washington is a no-fault state, which means that equitable division of a couple’s assets and debts are divided without regard to misconduct during the marriage.

Child Custody

Children who are caught in the middle of a divorce should never be used as a way to communicate between the couple. A couple should always communicate about the children in a private area. Parents should never attempt to destroy the other parent to the child and should always keep a child’s best interest in the forefront of their divorce proceeding.

Restraining Order

A restraining order is specifically designed to protect an abused individual from an abuser causing them harm and is broader than a domestic violence order for protection. Property issues, child support, spousal support, domestic violence and temporary custody issues can be filed as part of a divorce or other family law case.

Domestic Violence

A civil order from a court telling an abusive family or household member is called a Domestic Violence Order for Protection. It can order the abuser to not threaten an individual, enter the residence with the abused lives; can provide temporary custody of children and many other tools to protect an abused individual. A family law attorney in University Place can discuss the benefits of obtaining this type of order to remain safe during a divorce.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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